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Uniquely Crested Butte

Crested Butte sits high in the Rocky Mountain Range at 8,885 ft. elevation, with a current population of 1,643 full-time residence. Crested Butte wasn’t always a small ski and bike town like it is today. Being founded in 1878, like most towns out west, it was originally discovered for the coal mining of the mountains surrounding the town. Nearly a century later, in 1961, Dick Eflin and Fred Rice bought what at the time was Malensek Ranch, and what would soon be established as Mount Crested Butte Ski area. The opening of the ski resort was also historic for the state of Colorado, as it was home to Colorado’s first gondola. Years since the days of coal mining, Crested Butte is now most famously known to be the Wild Flower Capital of Colorado, home of some of the steepest in-bounds ski runs in North America, and world class biking trails. You will come for the outdoor lifestyle, but stay for the towns tight-knit community of funky personalities and unique town events.